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These words get overused

Progress tidbits for January 11, 2010

"Knock the Chocks"

New words: 222
Total words: 538
Deadline: None set in stone
Market in mind: Apex Magazine still, but it could also possibly go to Sybil's Garage now that I am getting a feel for it.
Odd things researched already: forests, bears, and ad copy
Distractions: a brand new (and very sad) episode of House, two cups of coffee
Still a mystery: Why they have to get from A to B and what exactly is there to stop them
Favorite word(s) used so far: siphoned, septic, newsplanes
In future posts, I'll refer to this one as: That first level story accidentally locked on Hardcore difficulty...with mutant beasts!

But yeah, not much in wordage. That's okay...because what I lacked tonight in words I made up for in getting the characters to A and describing A a little bit. They know they need to get to B, and that's the next stack of bottles to tackle, but we'll get there. A few words at a time. I can't wait for them to freak the funk out. Giant poisonous bear-beasts often do that people though. Or so I've heard.

Until next time, short story!
Tags: progress notes, short stories, videogames, weirdness, writing

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