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Writers, be aware...and submit a lot

The new year brings some new chances for submitting short stories. Here's a little run-down (remember that episode of The Office where Jim was asked to give his new boss a run-down of something and had no idea what that entailed?) of now open markets and markets soon to open:

Kaleidotrope - After being closed to subs for many months, this little eclectic zine is now open for slush. They seem to like a mix of genres, so really, give them a try. Don't be afraid if it is too weird or offbeat or even absolutely traditional. Its editor Fred Coppersmith has always been pleasant to work with, publishing "She's a Hearth" back in the day and soon to be publishing "More's the Pity" this year, and the quality of the print zine is very impressive. Click this very sentence for their guidelines.

Sybil's Garage - Opens to new submissions on January 15, 2010, and a new approach is desired for Issue 7. Straight from their page, "We seek to cast a wider net and encourage contributors to send us both atmospheric/slipstream stories as well as those with traditionally strong plots and characters." I have tried them in the past, and will continue to do so until they 1) buy something from me or 2) tell me to go away. Click on this very sentence to see more of their guidelines.

Clarkesworld - I can't submit to them as I'm a slush reader, but chances are you can. Closed to submissions through January 15, 2010. Not sure if that means we're opening on the 15th or the 16th. Maybe Neil will pop in here and clarify? Anyways, there's some changes happening to the magazine in 2010, one of the biggies being that the word count limit is being upped to 8,000. Oh man. That's gonna be cah-razy. Click here for our official guidelines.

Lightspeed - Here's a new online magazine that's set up very much like Fantasy Magazine. They all use Neil's online submission system, which is great and works extremely well. It wants science fiction and is speedy on the response. I expect many jokes about submissions being returned at lightspeed. I had a response of "no" within five hours. Can't wait to see what they publish though. Anyways, guidelines are here.

That's all I can think of at the moment, but should be enough to keep you submitting for a bit. Have I missed any?
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