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Don't let me down, I'm depending on you

Here's a summary of my day yesterday, in easy-to-devour bullet points, for all those that want to stalk me, but lack the hi-tech funds and, um, a spy van:

  • Woke up far too early and drank three cups of coffee for breakfast
  • Folks drove up to visit for the day, and the Girlfriend came over too
  • We had a nice lunch in the apartment
  • Did my taxes, which fall under the do not rock category, as I'm essentially in the hole
  • Checked the mail and found a signed copy of The Coyote Road edited by Ellen Datlow in there
  • Went to the park, watched like a nervous hawk as a woman parallel parked in front of my car
  • Back to the apartment for wine and...some golf on TV?
  • Learned that eugie is stepping down as managing editor of The Fix Online, boo (understandable...but still boo)
  • Then we went downtown to Montclair, to walk around, to visit the bestest of best bookstores
  • Somewhere between leaving the bookstore and heading over to Cuban Pete's for dinner my mom's camera vanished, but we didn't notice until after dinner was over (I'm of sound mind to guess that some asshat walked by and swiped it when she wasn't looking, grrr)
  • Dinner was good, but loud...mmm coconut rice
  • Drove home in grumpy silence, everyone was bummed about the camera disappearing/being stolen
  • Coffee, some French vanilla capp for my father who gave up coffee for Lent (the crazy bastard)
  • There was a marathon on of Dirty Jobs, which is always fun to watch
  • Folks departed, and even though there was one bum moment, it was a nice visit
  • Girlfriend and I played some Munchkin Booty with the inclusion of the new expansion...she won! :P
  • Totally forgot to participate in Earth Day thing where you turn off your lights at 8:30 so I did it after Girlfriend went home for an hour
  • Finished off the bottle of Yellowtail Shiraz, always yummy
  • Girlfriend got home and informed me she had a fever of 100.3 (that's not good)
  • Fell asleep to the sultry sound of Mike Rowe
Wasn't that exciting?
Tags: a day in the life, family, girlfriend, munchkin rules, sicky sicky, the fix online
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