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January 10th, 2009

Back Pain Makes It Hard To Be Alive


Whether is was dorsalgia or lumbago, it sucked. I could barely move, and if I somehow did barely move…shrieking pain throughout my whole body. Fun times for all. Not shown in the above drawing, of course, is the actual amount of cursing I did at every twitch and twist. Sailors would’ve blushed.

But no worries. The pain subsided after two or three days, and luckily most of those were spent comfortably in my apartment where I could cuss and moan to my heart’s content.

I hope this isn’t what it’s like to be old. That’s going to suck. Any old farts wanna confirm this, hmm?

She drifts off to sleep
And in her dreams
She lives in California
In a mansion by the sea
Yeah, that’s who she could be

- “Carolina” by Josh Rouse

Snowing in safe and sound

I'm currently getting snowed in at Tara's place. I risked driving through the dangerous weather to get here, and in retrospective I probably shouldn't have. On Route 80 alone, I played witness to five accidents. The first was a sedan that had spun in the snow and smashed into the median. The second was an upside-down car in a ravine. The third was a nasty fender-bender between an SUV and some tiny thing. The fourth was a car crushed against the median. The last one I saw before getting myself off the highway was another two cars spun out by the median.

My advice: stay away from medians, stay out of your car, stay indoors, stay on the Internet.

But thankfully Bullet (my car) got me here in one piece. He's not a snow-goer, not in the least, but he's done well.

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