November 25th, 2008


He loves me, he loves me not

On page 94. So far, Edward's been a complete dickwad to Bella, and of the three or four conversations they've had the two tweens have done nothing but argue and grow annoyed towards one another. Yet...she's in love. Or obsessed. Obsessingly lustful? You know, in high school, I had weird hair and was ultra pale...where was my Swan?

I dunno.

Also, I don't get it. But D, I'll keep reading...

The cold ones comith!

Page 126, and the word vampire is written for the very first time.

I find that interesting. Sure, the back copy of Twilight clearly states that Edward is a vampire, that he thirsts for Bella's blood, and that Bella herself is--and I quote here--"unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him," but for anyone that skipped reading that or has somehow managed to avoid the movie trailers...well, they'll have been thinking up to this point that Edward is nothing but a freaky freakster from the wrong side of the cafeteria. And they will feel shame, uncertainty. Did they miss something? Skim too fast? Surely, surely, there were words there, some adjective or verb that would have spilled this secret early on?

Yes--every page.

(Still don't get it.)