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I'm going to Hollywood!

Waking up to good news is the only way I want to wake up from now on...

11-day SALE to Cinema Spec: Tales of Hollywood and Fantasy edited by Karen A. Romanko (aka ravenelectrick) for my short story "Obmutescence," which is about silent movies, shadow familiars, and a man on a mission. I'll share with you the first line, if only cause I really like it:

So there I was, greater Los Angeles.

That's all you get, people. You must now sit on your hands until the anthology comes out. Yes, I exist to make you all suffer. Carry on.

Either way, consider me a pleased hobbit today. This was the first story I wrote when I sort of came back and got serious and actually worked away at the thing for a few days so I'm glad it's found a home. Plus, you know, there's a camphor tree in it. Such beautiful trees...

Cinema Spec is still open for submissions, by the way. Read the guidelines here and give it a shot. You know you want to be TOC-mates with me.

Now, back to editing...
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